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Incorrect exercise technique and inadequate education has contributed to the proliferation in prolapse and diastasis recti in women in their 20s and 30s, as well as with postnatal and menopausal women.  Not forgetting men who can also develop a diastasis.


3-hour workshop will show you can avoid becoming a statistic by exercising
properly and using restorative movement daily.


Who is this workshop for…..

ALL WOMEN….postnatal, menopausal, athletes, couch potatoes, fitness professionals. Pregnant ladies can attend but will need to speak with Paulette to ensure they can participate in the exercise session. You will need to have had your ‘six-week’ check and, sadly, babies cannot attend this workshop (but we will have a break should you need to give a quick breastfeed). Men are welcome but please chat with paulette first!


The workshop will be a mix of theory and discussion, as well as exercise and relaxation.  You will learn…..

·       How posture and breath effect pelvic floor function

·       Pelvic floor anatomy and
exercises to strengthen

·       What diastasis recti is, what
causes it and why it's necessary when you're pregnant

·       How to return safely to exercise and
avoid prolapse and diastasis

·       That incontinence doesn’t
always mean your muscles are too loose

·       How to
incorporate pelvic floor strengthening
into daily movements

·       A ‘pelvic floor
and core’ daily exercise
routine to consolidate your learning


You will also get to experience The Center Method for Diastasis Recovery™ fascia release balls which will help realign your rectus abdominus muscles and leave you feeling completely relaxed. 


Where, when and how much…..

Sunday 24 November, 13:00-16:00. The gorgeous Yoga In Hampstead studio in the heart of the village A few steps from the 46 bus stop and a minute’s walk from the station. £65 (£60 early bird available until 1st November).


A gift for you.....

Everyone who attends will get an eco-friendly goodie bag with treats from Hampstead shops and a resistance band for home exercise. PLUS, discount vouchers for a private session with Paulette and a massage with Petra of Solace Mobile Massage. During the break we will also be treated to an energy ball from Les Filles Café and Deli (


Your expert instructor.....

Paulette holds (amongst other qualifications!): STOTT/YMCA Awards/CYQ LEVEL 3 Certified Pilates Instructor, Burrell Education Graduate in Modern Postnatal Assessment and Exercise Prescription CPD, Optimal Nutrition and Lifestyle for Postnatal Recovery and Healing and Pelvic Floor and Core Foundations.  She is one of the UK’s few Franklin Method® Pelvic Power and Psoas Instructor and the only Center Method for Diastasis Recovery™ Instructor in North West London.


Local mum Paulette (mother of two lively boys) has an excellent reputation amongst mums for helping them avoid prolapse, heal their diastasis and move better.  Please see and for more information.



“Paulette is a fantastic teacher – very knowledgeable, incredibly passionate and eager to share, patient, hands on, down to earth plus she has a great sense of humour! I highly recommend Paulette and wouldn’t hesitate to do future workshops with her,”  Helen Griffiths KFRP, Kinesiologist,


“Paulette's amazing. My recovery was so much faster once I started working with her. Before that I was struggling with pain, discomfort and my diastasis. I was really depressed as a result. As soon as I started, I felt reassured and my health improved noticeably. She's extremely caring and generous. I would recommend her without hesitation,” Romola, Mum of twins.


How do I take part.....

Please email You will be asked to pay the fee and complete an online enrolment form. 

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