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Restorative Yoga is a  slow-paced class suitable for all levels  (beginners welcome), to soothe the body and mind from stress and tension. Ideal for those of you who have a busy life and need to recharge their battery. The practice will include gentle restorative Asana,  mindful breathing and deep relaxation to help you connect to your quiet centre, build reservoirs of energy,  and feel nurtured from the inside. We will use props (blocks, bricks, belts, blankets and bolsters) to support the body and allow it to open safely. We will work on a different theme/focus every week.

Ultimately, the aim of Yoga is to bring your body to a place of stillness, well-being, and clarity of mind. So, you can expect to leave this class feeling rejuvenated and deep calm inside, ready to enjoy the rest of the week.


Drop in : £15    or   Block booking : 5 classes for £65  (Valid for 2 months)    

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