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In this Hatha yoga class, we explore playfully a combination of slow flow, creative movements, poses with pause, with conscious breathing and plenty of mindfulness. 

We all come with different bodies and degrees of flexibility, so variations will be given to suit all levels from beginners to more experienced practitioners. The class has a strong emphasis on energetic sequencing, postural alignment, stabilizing and strengthening. We work on a different theme every week, using techniques inspired from the Hatha Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda Traditions.

Ultimately, the aim of Yoga is to bring your body to a place of stillness, well-being, and clarity of mind. So, the class is designed to help you release tension, build strength, stability, and connect to your quiet centre. You can expect to leave this class feeling rejuvenated and more inspired for the week ahead.

07977 146 326

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