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For thousands of years, both in the yogic tradition and in Chinese medicine, it is believed that physical existence  is animated by a dynamic energy system. This  primordial energy called Chi (in Chinese medicine)  or Prana (in the Yogic tradition)  is the vital force in all life. The meridians or nadis  are pathways through which the life-energy flows. The practice of Yin Yoga helps release deep seated tensions, increase flexibility  and stimulate the energy flow through the meridians. With its soft and effective approach, it helps cultivate a sense of spaciousness and ease  in the body and in the mind.  In Yin Yoga, the asanas (postures) are held for 2 minutes or more to affect the deeper layers of the body (connective tissues, muscles,  joints and ligaments, etc). So, It is  a great complementary practice for those who enjoy Yang activities such as running, cycling, martial arts etc. 

You can expect to leave this class with a great sense of calm and space within you.

This is an all level class. Variations will be given to suit everyone from complete beginners to more experienced practitioners.

Drop in : £15    or   Block booking : 5 classes for £65  (Valid for 2 months) 

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